Brock pokemon
Brock pokemon
Estou indo a jornada pokemon!
27 Apr 2015
cool i love Pokemon x
21 Mar 2015
16 Feb 2015
I Love Pokemon
04 Feb 2015
23 Dec 2014
Great !
28 Nov 2014
Amazing!!Can you check out my mangas plz?Thanks ;-) (Maravilhoso!Quem puder ver meus mangás eu agradeço)
06 Nov 2014
Que la paix soit sur vous
18 Oct 2014
Cool! He looks like an actual Brock!
21 Jul 2014
Not a huge fan of Pokemon, but i have seen this character before, and this is an amazing copy of him! Amazing job, keep up the good work!
03 Jun 2014
Pokemon is awesome! Check out my Ash & Misty and my Lana Del Rey FYM on my page!
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