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My new mangatar
My new mangatar
It's me…
03 Dec 2013
yeah, you're right. I just wanted to double-check if it's just my hardware & me or just the page.
03 Dec 2013
I also realized this ... sometimes not appear on the "add comment" button too ... This site is pretty cool, but who created it not really care about the users :(
02 Dec 2013
Just one question: Is the page working correctly for you? I mean how often do you see changes at the "latest creations"? And can you see Age and nationality of all users?
26 Oct 2013
okay, let's go. The audience is waiting for the surprise...
26 Oct 2013
Tired of being the good guy, now I want to do dangerous things! the haloween is coming, I need to create some monsters here ... hehehehe \ºwº/
25 Oct 2013
yeah, new day new style. Seems you have entered the wilde side of life ...or are you the new Zorro? hehehe. Have a good time. ;)
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