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trick or treat?
trick or treat?
I'm afraid of monsters!
02 Dec 2013
Dear Lady, if you need a shoulder to lean on you are kindly invited to travel to my page. I am sure you could find a BFF there. :)
02 Dec 2013
She really looks scared and about to cry, but she will be strong enough to overcome the fear alone? Or can she trust someone? see next mangatar hehe ^-^
02 Dec 2013
I think she looks rather sad, as if she starts to cry the same. What does she want with a hero? Today, women are strong (see Disney films). If they need a compass and a sword. I think she looks kind of cute too.
01 Dec 2013
Oh, she is really looking very frightened. Maybe she is on the run? You should spend her an hero to give her security!
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