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Princess Kida
Princess Kida
My name is Kidagakash....but you can call me kida ^-^
13 Jul 2011
12 Jul 2011
jaja si es dificil hacerlos pero para lo que hay no te a quedado nada mal. (traductor de google) T.T haha if it is difficult to make but it is not been bad to you.
12 Jul 2011
to try n make her was hard. I couldn't change the color of the tattoo so it could like like how it was in the movie and her eyes i couldn't really get...I'm ok with it...a little less than ok, its iight : / maybe i'll make a better one in the near future
12 Jul 2011
thank you
11 Jul 2011
atlantis movie that much, do not to look bad.
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