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29 Jan 2019
18 Mar 2017
fek nakonam dorost bashe yeki az shakhsiat haye siasie keshvaremoon ro dar yek saite jahaani maskhare konim,doroste???
04 Oct 2016
01 Sep 2016
09 Aug 2016
Yeh ! Good ! But ... He isn't very ... credible XD
29 Jun 2016
Wow.. He was the best iranian president. But I am so sorry beacase you make it as bad as you could... I advise you take some practice then make a scandal picture...
15 Mar 2016
okay okay
06 Mar 2016
hay Reza same name cool hau
31 Oct 2015
bache ha berid too in site baad as ye seri kar behetoon visa card mide baad mitoonid bahash rahat too clanetoon gem rayegan begirid manam avalesh bavaram nemishod vali vagheie http://www.AWSurveys.com?R=5104660
28 Sep 2015
kheyly khube daghighan khodeshe :)))))))))))))))))))))))))
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