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Ron Weasley
Ron Weasley
06 Dec 2014
MY Ron Weasley Avatar ; come to page : http://www.faceyourmanga.com/mangatar.php?id=1315389
05 Dec 2014
That's good .
26 Jul 2014
Cool :)
04 Nov 2013
Love it!!!
01 Mar 2013
omg so real
28 Jan 2013
I figured out what's missing. Or just not there, I suppose. It's his face. It's a bit longer and pointier than most people draw it or how I've seen it. But I love it, great job! ...Isn't it convenient that there's a setting with a sweater that's just like in HP?
09 Dec 2012
They are so right. Missing something! Good Job, though!
05 Dec 2012
He is very successful
25 Feb 2012
cool lol
06 Jan 2012
I agree w/ LOVLY, Something is missing but its cool. Check out my avatars please, I LOVE doing HP characters.
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