14 Dec 2013
28 Apr 2013
Ha ha, yes, you're really good!
05 Apr 2013
Do not worry, you're still young, you have plenty of time to travel! When you grow up and get a job, you can do so many trips! :D :)
04 Apr 2013
Giorgia sister?how to don't talk?
03 Apr 2013
School organization to Germany or Canada summer camp, I want to go to Germany, 10 days, to 26000 yuan, because most of the time in Canada to study, but dad because cost too much, don't let me go to, really want to cry oh!!!!!
23 Mar 2013
Ok, we can chat here, I will go to school tomorrow, will come back after two weeks.
22 Mar 2013
I do not know what the number of e-mail, I'm sorry! :( ..But oh well, we can write here! ^_^
22 Mar 2013
Giorgia sister, or you tell me your E-mail number, please!! I want to have a foreign friend long ago.
22 Mar 2013
I this is the night!! Sister there should be the day!!!!!
22 Mar 2013
I'm sad, my mom and dad let me transfer, tomorrow need to go to the new school examinations, bless me!! English is also good, incredibly have a math test, really worried!!
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