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It's A New Day
02 Dec 2013
It's not Usher?!
08 May 2013
07 Nov 2012
22 Jan 2012
08 Dec 2011
i love will.i.am plus your avatar.
15 Nov 2011
They are back 2getha, they're takin' a break while Fergie decorates her house...maybe Willi. I. Am has somefin more interestin 2 do...like...Food shopping? XD
14 Nov 2011
I can't believe it, it's so amazing!!! Lol I love Will.I.Am! I can't believe B.E.P split up... I WANT DEM' BACK TOGETHER!!!! DX
20 Oct 2011
HI. good job. Please come and visit my page I've created GOD OF WAR , please come and see my mangatar
19 Oct 2011
ooh la la
19 Oct 2011
Igual!!! mt legal !!!
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