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Me - Nov. 1st 2012
Me - Nov. 1st 2012
13 Mar 2013
buon giorno
12 Mar 2013
12 Mar 2013
Haha, ciaoooo! :)
10 Mar 2013
03 Jan 2013
awww 20 years, I'd like to be young like you :) u lucky! ohh, that sounds good, I like your plan...! can I bring u my gift too? it's a tiramisu (Italian dessert, my fav) made by myself! haha, don't be scared, I joked but hey: please enjoy today, have loads of fun with your friends & loved ones! hope the sun is shining where u live so u can be cheerful and be in the best mood to celebrate :D
03 Jan 2013
I'm 20 years old now haha, I'm happy \ o /, what will I do today? hum ... I'm working today, but who knows I get a pizza or a movie with friends later? haha let's celebrate! :)))
03 Jan 2013
heeey! good morning to you, happy new year again & ahhh that's nice, so... ? happy birthday to yooouuuu! happy birthday to yoooouuu, happy birthday to Eliel, happy birthday to youuuu ? (hope I sang well!) ...ah but I'm glad it's your birthday today so u can have a party/celebrate and have some fun, I hope :-D ...hold old do u turn? and what are u gonna do today, if I may ask? :)
03 Jan 2013
Good morning :) today is my birthday haha \o/
27 Dec 2012
è un bell'avatar visita la mia pagina xfavore
03 Nov 2012
oh hi! :) thank you very much for your kind words :) oh what do you mean when you say you think you saw that shirt somewhere around "here"? do you mean there where you live? because if it exists in real life, I don't know, but I know I invented that shirt's writing/style some days ago in another mangatar I did... but if in reality that shirt exists, then I'm sorry, I didn't want to copy :)
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