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Happy 2013 :)
Happy 2013 :)
09 Mar 2013
'-' Love it!
26 Jan 2013
Os seus também, eu finalizo os meus no photoshop. Entre na minha página: http://rjrart.deviantart.com/ Em breve postarei uma foto deles todos finalizados.
12 Jan 2013
You want to delete your account? I think this is only possible if you contact the "site mangatar" and opt out (http://www.faceyourmanga.com/contact.php)... but because you want to do this? I miss you if you go away ... = '(
12 Jan 2013
Hello you, sorry to disturb you, but just a question: do you know if it's possible to delete my mangatar account on here? :)
04 Jan 2013
Woow!!! Thanks!! Equally :)
03 Jan 2013
31 Dec 2012
what a beautiful laaaady, I really find her lovely... and nice colours too :) oh and hey, wish u and ur loved ones (& the whole world as well) a fantastic 2013... may u have great memories of your past and an even better future!
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