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27 Dec 2013
thanks allot!
25 Dec 2013
i believe you merry christmas !!
23 Dec 2013
Look I regret writing that down I just felt bored! So please forget it I just beg of you please and all I wanted to do is make a joke sorry if it hurts you just forgive me! If you don't it's ok, but if you do thank you for your kindness. And before you choose I just wanna tell you: I didn't mean to hurt you! PS all I'm saying is the truth plz beleive me!
06 Dec 2013
don't do sad face because you have been rude with me make your oun buisness and for your information i have a boyfriend and it's not eliel
29 Nov 2013
All I did was correct u thats all!:(
26 Nov 2013
fuck you i say what i want
18 Nov 2013
Kiara00, it's called "mangaTAR"!
15 Feb 2013
thank you ^-^
15 Feb 2013
i love this manga is very cute i love this manga , it is very cute
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