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02 Apr 2013
Yeah I knew that
29 Mar 2013
You no when you click on someones profile, you see a big version of their avatar? You also see there age and where come from... I know it says like AS or something but I live in Georgia.
28 Mar 2013
Cool! My mom has brown wavy hair And my real name is Lavinia.
27 Mar 2013
I AM 11 TO! My real name is Aeila. Yes, my mom has purple hair. It used to be blue and before that, red.
26 Mar 2013
And I am not 14 I am really Only 11
26 Mar 2013
Funny... to tell you the truth I am actually not 15...
26 Mar 2013
Just a weird expression!
25 Mar 2013
Lol! Is is a chemical reaction or his expresstion?
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