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Oh no...
Oh no...
you've been bitten by the terrible white insect devouring monster of darkness, but do not worry, he just wants to play with you :)
19 May 2013
I think the doctor can not help you now hehehe ^-^
13 May 2013
Indeed! I have seen the first symptoms but I am very curious concerning the "final state".... :) But I know that I have to "link" your doctor fisrt before using it. :)
13 May 2013
haha thanks ^-^, but this insect is very dangerous O_O be careful when using it hehe :)
12 May 2013
so, i see that you have started to tell stories with your pictures. Let us know how this will end... :) - by the way: i thought how to use this insect, too. But without creative success by now... :)
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