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Brazil x Japan
Brazil x Japan
Brazil 3 x 0 Japan Brazil 2 x 0 México Brazil 4 x 2 Italy Brazil 2 x 1 Uruguay Brazil 3 x 0 spain Brazil wins ^-^
15 Jul 2014
hehe congratulations \o/
14 Jul 2014
Hey eliel03, don't get me wrong but I think you have lost a bet... :)
29 May 2014
Yeees hehe
26 May 2014
Hi Eliel03! Are you still in the mood for soccer?
11 Dec 2013
Yeah, great idea!!! Let's do this bet! But in my opinion Brazil has the biggest chance. You Brazilians are so soccer-crazy - I am sure you will shout your team to the Final! :)
11 Dec 2013
let's make a bet: if Brazil win, you'll have to make your mangatar use the colors of Brazil, get lost, my mangatar will wear the colors of germany ok? \o/
11 Dec 2013
hehe Brazil will face Croatia, I think Brazil has a great chance of winning (the fact that the World Cup being here helps a bit) I hope our teams face each other in the final, will be very good if that happens ;)
10 Dec 2013
Hey, what do you think about the groups for the big tournament next year? And who will get the 2nd place? (Brazil will win, or not?)
13 Oct 2013
Thanks for coment :)
13 Oct 2013
Good picture , buen dibujo
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