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vivi von alabasta
vivi von alabasta
29 Sep 2013
haha, one of my she-friends looks almost like that! even the big green eyes are almost similar ? ...and she has brown hair... ?
24 Aug 2013
For me there are about 25 ° C. Lots of sunshine and a few clouds. Just as in the picture. XD
24 Aug 2013
i like snowing weather. ahvaz is very warm
24 Aug 2013
What is the weather like? Very warm?
23 Aug 2013
I from iran
22 Aug 2013
I come from Germany. And they?
22 Aug 2013
Where are you from?
13 Jul 2013
wow, du bist in letzter zeit richtig fleissig gewesen. dies hier gefällt mir. :)
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