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The World's Leading Avatars Generator,
now for iPhone and iPad.
The time has come! Faceyourmanga brings the web's leading Avatar generator to the iPhone and iPad. Starting today you can collect vibrantly colored Mangatars wherever you are, have a blast creating hundreds of Avatars, save your creations in the Gallery or on your iPhone, modify them over and over, match them to contacts in your address book and share them on Facebook and Twitter.
A one-of-a-kind experience.
Begin creating your Mangatars today and discover the potential of touchscreens with the Faceyourmanga App. You will be blown away by the countless possible combinations and by the potent graphic engine, completely re-written for the iPhone and iPad. Don't let this one-of-a-kind navigation experience pass you by: have a blast discovering how many characters you can create and how easy it is to create Avatars resembling your friends, choosing from a rich library of graphic elements, color, background, texture, clothing, and much more.
- Library of licensed Faceyourmanga® graphic elements;
- Advanced Zoom and Move Object functions;
- Internal gallery;
- Modification of saved Mangatars;
- Possibility to save on iPhone [Only in Paid Version];
- Send as email attachments [Only in Paid Version];
- Match to contacts in address book [Only in Paid Version];
- Share on Facebook and Twitter;
- Shake it for a Random Mangatar!
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Available for
Create and Color
your Mangatar or that of your friends thanks to hundreds of graphic elements, colors, cool textures and fantastic in-style Manga motifs.
Save and Modify
through editing functions where you can enlarge and move any graphic object in order to make the Mangatar that best resembles you, then save it in the App's Gallery.
your Mangatars on leading social networks or send them as attachments to your friends.