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Faceyourmanga® belongs to TO UP S.r.l. or TO UP with its legal site in Roma (RM) in Italy:
The Website and everything related to it, it's run by TO UP or other people clearly mentioned (time by time).

Faceyourmanga.com or Faceyourmanga , is a Social Application which allows to create a Japanese style graphic representation of yourself: Avatar Manga or Mangatar. Beside The Site allows all the registered Users to be in contact among them, buying items and/or services connected with the Faceyourmanga's world and much more.

This agreement contains the terms and conditions to use the site Faceyourmanga.com or from now on Faceyourmanga, and the access to the products and services available on it. These terms and conditions regulate User's responsibility and together with other elements, it regulates the TO UP 's limits of responsibility

Please read carefully this document before using the service.
Once used any part of the Site or section of it User accepts the conditions and has to respect them.
If you don't agree with these terms, please DO NOT USE THE SITE

User knows that all the content used or transmitted by Faceyourmanga or text, graphic, logo, icons, images, audio clip, video clip, digital download, data and software, as well as the choice or the disposition of such content and any other material on the Site belong exclusively to TO UP. Other people's trade mark or logos used on this Site are of their own property, and they may be our associated firms, or sponsorized by TO UP.
Trade Mark
Faceyourmanga® is a registred trade mark. The trade mark and anything related to it can't be used or associated to any other product or service which is not directly connected to Faceyourmanga or may cause confusion, or bring TO UP and Faceyourmanga into discredit. Other products and Companies mentioned in Faceyourmanga.com may be trade mark, registered by their owners.

Faceyourmanga allows by a limited license the access and the personal use of the whole stuff on Faceyourmanga and the associated services; It doesn't allow to download but in "page rendering" or modify any part of it, without a written consent from TO UP.
Such license doesn't include the sale or the commercial use of Faceyourmanga site and of its content, the derivative use of Faceyourmanga the download or the duplication of account information to be of other people advantage.
Faceyourmanga site or part of it can't be reproduced, doubled, copied, sold, or used for commercial purpose without TO UP's permission.

It isn't possible to divide the content of the Site or use any Frame technique including brands or other information as images, text, avatar, page layout, videos, software belonging to TO UP.

User can't create hypertextual links, hyperlink, to any of the internal pages but for the main www.faceyourmanga.com address or to the Site content without a written consent of TO UP.

Any unauthorized use will cause an immediate suspension of the license given by TO UP.

User is free to reproduce, distribute, communicate or show to the public only the Avatar manga or Mangatar created through Faceyourmanga Site at the following conditions:

  • Attribution: User must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author;
  • Non Commercial: User can't use the work for direct or indirect commercial purpose. For indirect commercial purpose it's meant also an use of the work as an instrument for criticism to teaching, discussion, and/or news broadcasted (TV, cinema, newspapers) with a clear commercial purpose.
  • No derivative works: User can't modify or transform this work, nor use it to make another one.


Some information and contents of Faceyourmanga.com could be supplied by licensees or suppliers. Such contents are under copyright and they may be registered trade mark. User accepts to look at third parties' content only for personal reason and only if allowed by the owners.
User accepts and agrees to not have any rights to download, memoraize, reproduce, modify, visualize exept for as said in the last point of the previous paragraph, change any third parties' content being on Faceyourmanga without the owner's authotization.
User declares and guarantees to keep TO UP, as well as the licensees and suppliers related out of any responsibilities due to others directly connected with their own account activity. TO UP has the right to send at any moment, at the e-mail address you provided, commercialproposals from Faceyourmanga.com, respecting personal data terms.

When using Faceyourmanga ite user must keep complete privacy on the access data (username and password) and to limit the access one's own computer; accepts to undertake the whole responsibility of all the activities made using one's own account.
TO UP allows the access to Faceyourmanga only to over eighteens. Under 18, but over 14 it's possible to use Faceyourmanga under parental care, or any other person accepting the Using procedures.

User accepts to be responsible of all the material sent, created or published on Faceyourmanga.com, included without limits, any content of "virtual form" or other elements developed or loaded, Avatar's names, outlines, revision, comments, suggestions, chat, messages, board messages or other communication (any type of" insert") and that the user himself and not TO UP , shoulder the responsibility of any content put, including trade marks and copyright. Loading or inserting material on Faceyourmanga.com, as for example on Profile,Forum, Messages, chat or other publishing text, review, comments, images, audio-files, or other audio-video content (User's content) User declares and guarantees that:

1. He is the owner or assumes to have all rights on the inserted content, respecting using procedures;
2. User's content respects such terms. User can't use any false e-mail, pretending to be another person or being.

TO UP reserves the right ( but he is not obliged)to remove, to modify, or even to reclassify the user's content, as well as to regulate the insertion on Faceyourmanga.com, site and he isn't responsible for such omitted activity. If User posts or loads some content on Faceyourmanga.com, gives to TO UP and to Faceyourmanga a world right free, perpetual and irrevocable non exclusive license to reproduce, to modify, to adapt, to publish, to translate, to create, derivative works, to distribute, to execute and visualize publicly the contents inserted by User or any data carrier, both known and unknown or not yet created. User grants to TO UP and to other licensees, the right to use the name related to this content, when necessary. User accepts to keep TO UP, Faceyourmanga.com,, FACEYOURMANGA, associated companies and Board out of any legal procedures, complaints, royalties, rewards or damages caused by material created or supplied by themselves.

When User's content are posted or the Site Faceyourmanga.com, is used you agree that you are not allowed to:
  • Publish illegal harmful, threatening, illicit, nasty, defamatory, morbid, obscene, racist content
  • Use obscene language, to publish clear, real or virtual sexual images, to use offensive language;
  • Persecute, to bother, to menace, to defame, to abuse or in any case you can't violate user's or other being's privacy
  • Send messages containing expression of hate or any other material extolling terrorism or violence;
  • Publishing anything showing cruelty against animals;
  • Involve or pointing out under 14 children or to perceive any actions meant to make use of children;
  • Publish adult people stuff;
  • Publish material which is harmful for children, showing children making sex or that may involve infantile pornography;
  • Change one's own age pretending to be younger or viceversa;
  • Send any copyright material or Registered TM without the explicit authorizationfrom the owners or in any case do not violate the intellectual property or any person's moral rights;
  • Publish "Off topic messages which may interrupt the discussion, or include offensive, coarse or advertising not authorized language;
  • Convince other Users to supply access data to Faceyourmanga.com, as username, password or other information;
  • Post or publish information including third parties' personal data as real name, address, e-mail, phone number, employer or school;
  • Collect usernames, nicknames, e-mail or other personal data provided by User self, from purposes different from the personal use or what Faceyourmanga.com, meant;
  • Spread not authorized advertisement, advertising material, spam, chain letters, pyramidal schemes, mass mailing, or any mass convincement;
  • Publish material that may provoke photosensible epilepsy PSE among which flashing lights content;
  • Not to Be a member of Faceyourmanga.com,, part of our staff or other professionist working in the sector;
  • Change or interfere with Faceyourmanga.com, using script, code, bot or other;
  • Load or introduce any Spyware, Adware for other programmes dangerous for Faceyourmanga.com, site Code.

This list of prohibitions provides only some examples and it is not to be considered complete and comphrehensive. TO UP reserves the right, with or without reason, with or without notice to interrupt the access to its own account. TO UP may report actions which could be illegal or considered so to the Police authority. When it's required TO UP will cooperate with Police or other State authority for any investigation. User knows and accepts that using Faceyourmanga.com, web site incurs in offensive or unpleasant contents. Access and use of Faceyourmanga.com, is on one's own risk and TO UP is not responsible for insulting, harmful material sent by other users or third parties: User is conscious that relation and interactions with other website users are exclusively among themseives. TO UP is not responsible for damages or loss of any type caused by interactions or trade relations and it's not obliged to take part in any dispute caused by them. User accepts that his or any other's User's content expresses the author's opinion; TO UP is not responsible for it.

User accepts to keep TO UP, Faceyourmanga.com,, FACEYOURMANGA, or associated Companies, managers, staff, agents, licensees, trade partners, out of any responsibilities for damages, expenses, including legal fares, coming from any third parties' requirements, for any behaviour against these general conditions, additional terms, copyright, trade mark right or other intellectual property right, including the moral ones related with the use of his own account.

All order effected through Faceyourmanga.com, will be considered as a purchase proposal of the selected item. The acceptance of any proposal is clearly subordinate and limited to the acceptance and respect of these conditions and extra applicable conditions. TO UP can accept your proposal both by e-mail confirmation or delivering the requested material or even through web pages communication. The products and their prices may change, up notice on the web page. TO UP is not responsible for printing errors. User engages himself to pay all the expenses and commission for subscription for the use or purchasing of products fro the Faceyourmanga.com, website. Taxes or other expenses are not included in the price, they will be added on the invoice and can be check out when you complete the purchase. Extra taxes may be applied for services supplied by third parties, as for example, taxes on electronic payment process. If you don't pay on time or if TO UP on the account of Faceyourmanga.com, can't debit the cost on your credit card, or any other method of payment (ex. paypal), TO UP reserves the right to suspend or interrupt the access to Faceyourmanga.com website. User agrees that TO UP issues invoices for costs applicable to any activity linked to Faceyourmanga.com website and that the same one are charged on his credit card, Paypal account or other method User indicated. If you question these expenses TO UP may transfer all the details of the transaction to others in order to solve the dispute. Once the purchase is completed, if User cancels or removes his account he won't receive any refund. If User has a debit with TO UP on his Faceyoumanga.com, he accepts TO UP may charge the sum not paid on his credit card or use any other method of payment and then issue an invoice. When you buy products or services on Faceyoumanga.com by credit card or electronic transaction, the purchases are not refundable. TO UP isn't obliged to give any refund (cash or stocks) for any items which is not as you expected or is removed or changed by the producers or by TO UP for any specific reasons. TO UP will not be responsible if the delivery of items sold on the Site will be delayed or not delivered for causes beyond TO UP 's behaviour, or beyond someone's control, actions, or omission of other people or other causes as fire, tempest, flood, earthquake, accident, enemies, actions, wars, rebellion, telecommunication service bankruptcy, public utility service, internet interruption, insurrection, riots, invasions, strikes. The virtual product purchased will be available for your personal use as soon as it is possible. If you have any problem on the invoice or any question please contact payment@faceyourmanga.com.


Faceyoumanga.com may include a virtual currency- so called CREDITI – that may be acquired by means of money and may be used exchanging them with services and products available on Faceyoumanga.com in the way and terms established by TO UP. TO UP may apply tariffs for the right to use CREDITI and may distribute free CREDITI at its will. CREDITI are not refundable with real money or money value.To UP has the right to manage, to regulate, to control, to modify, and /or eliminate such CREDITI at its better convenience. In such cases TO UP hasn't any responsibility toward User. User accepts to not create , modify, alter, use or employ CREDITI in any way different from the direct transactions made on Faceyoumanga.com. To UP may agree the free exchange of some or all or none of its CREDITI with third parties or other Users, in any case TO UP doesn't take any responsibility for these operations. It's absolutely forbidden to resell or to distribute CREDITI without a written permission by TO UP.


TO UP can use Providers or Others to offer specified products, contents or services accessible through Faceyoumanga.com. The same one may provide associated Companies' website with link. TO UP is not responsible for what aother companies offer through their websites. Please read carefully their statements on Privacy and Using Terms.


To Up doesn't provide any declaration or warranty of any type, implicit or explicit , for the functioning of Faceyoumanga.com but the cases differently specified. User accepts that using Faceyoumanga.com website is at his own risk. TO UP doesn't guarantee that Faceyoumanga.com website, information, content, material, products, including software or services available through Faceyoumanga.com website, their server, e-mail are free from virus or other damaging components.

This document is regulated and interpreted according the Italia law. For any disputes about the meaning, the application and execution of this document the Competent Court is the Law Court in Rome.
TO UP reserves the right to make changes to Faceyoumanga.com, to its policy and Using Terms as on Privacy terms at any moment. Continued use of Faceyoumanga.com has to be considered as an acceptation of the change itself. If any part of this document should be considered not valid, null, or for any reasons not applicable, such part won't be considered , while the rest of the terms will be regularly applied.
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TO UP is respectful of intellectual properties of all works. If you think that your work has been copied against copyrights please contact us at copyright@faceyourmanga.com